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Trix Stix LLC

    Youth Motivational Speaker and Family Entertainer

Shop for Trix Stix

Shop for Trix Stix

Trix Stix and How-To-DVD Bundle.


Save some money by getting the Trix Stix and How To DVD Bundle.

In this 35 minute DVD tutorial Zachary Watson himself shows and teaches how to do an encyclopedia of tricks with your new Trix Stix! Whether you are a beginner or expert, this video will surely give you lots of ticks to amaze your friends and family with the Trix Stix! He and his friends will even teach how to do tricks with a partner!

The DVD is split between 4 sections:

1. Beginner Tricks

2. Partner Tricks

3. Intermediate Tricks

4. Advanced Tricks

What color or design of Trix Stix do you want? (Example: a set of Teal Zebra Trix Stix. Example two: a set of Lime Green Zig Zag Trix Stix.)

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