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Trix Stix LLC

    Youth Motivational Speaker and Family Entertainer

Shop for Trix Stix

Shop for Trix Stix

Colorful School Set for Gym Classes, Indoor Recess, or Other Events!


Nothing beats staying physically active while having fun!

The Trix Stix are a great tool to add dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and enjoyment to any type of school program or event!

Contact [email protected] to learn more about how your school's wellness funds can get a set of Trix Stix for your students today!

This specialized set can be made to match your school's colors or be sent in an assortment of designs and colors.  This twenty pack of Trix Stix is sure to cure the boredom of indoor recess while adding an exciting way to remain active during the winter months.  They can also be implemented with any fitness, health, or physical education class or as a reward event.  All students from any grade will enjoy practicing their skills with the Trix Stix!

This bulk purchase comes with 20 sets of Trix Stix.  Each pair of Trix Stix comes with two holder sticks and a middle stick. These sticks will each have a special grippy rubber coating for optimal control while sticking.

Will ship no later than 10 days after order. I will send your email a confirmation on what your order was.


Make sure to answer the question below as you make your order.


What are your school's colors? OR "I want an assortment of Trix Stix"

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