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Trix Stix LLC

    Youth Motivational Speaker and Family Entertainer

Shop for Trix Stix

Shop for Trix Stix

THREE sets of Trix Stix


Got a lot of gifts to buy?  Or a big family?  What about Triplets?  Well.......buying in bulk is BETTER...and cheaper!

Save money when you buy THREE marvelous pairs of Trix Stix!  Each of these Trix Stix will be made the color that YOU pick!  

Make sure to answer the question below!

*Example* = I would like to order 1. Sky Blue 2. Hunter Camouflage 3. Pink Zebra Stripes.(This order will get Three (3) sets of Trix Stix, one Sky Blue, one Hunter Camouflage, and one Pink Zebra Stripes Trix Stix.)

What colors or designs do you want your three (3) sets of Trix Stix to be? Choose the colors and designs. (Example - One Sky Blue, One Pink Zebra, and One Army Camouflage)

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