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Trix Stix LLC

    Youth Motivational Speaker and Family Entertainer

Shop for Trix Stix

Shop for Trix Stix

Sport Team's Colors!


GO Team Trix Stix, GO!

This is where YOU, yes you, customize your Trix Stix with your favorite team's colors!

Like the Colts? How about some White and Blue Trix Stix?
A fan of the 49ers? How about some Gold and Maroon Trix Stix? Laker follower?  How about Purple and Yellow Trix Stix? How about IU?  Get some Red and White Trix Stix.

Choose the colors of YOUR Trix Stix to make your sport team's colors!

Each pair of Trix Stix comes with two holder sticks and a middle stick that will be mixed of your TWO chosen teams' colors. These sticks will each have a special grippy rubber coating for optimal control while sticking.

Make sure to answer the question below for your custom order, I must know what TWO colors you want to be highlighted with YOUR Trix Stix.


What TWO Sport Teams colors do you want to be highlighted with YOUR Trix Stix? (examples: 49ers' colors, Gold and Navy Blue, or White and Red.

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