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Trix Stix LLC

    Youth Motivational Speaker and Family Entertainer

Photos of What Zachary Watson Can Do For You

Fire Sticks Fire Sticks Wowing the Crowd 115270834 Spectacular 115270831 Smiles All Around 115270833 Flame On! 115270835 Through the Ring of Fire 115270832 Loving It! 115270836 Ready.....Aim......Smile! 115270837 Caught laughing... 115270838 Majestic 115270970 Doesn't that hurt? 115271366 Fire Circle 115271367 Walking on Flames 115271368 Breathing Fire 115271370 Wishbone 115271371 Engulfed in Flames 115271373 Wow! 115271375 Leg Trick 115271377 Swirly! 115271378 Drgaon Head 115271379